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I. About plastic chair

1.  Concept of plastic chair

Plastic chair is a chair made from plastic material, which can be PVC, PP, ABS, PC or PE plastic. Plastic chairs are often used in offices, schools, restaurants, cafeterias, gardens, kitchens, or amusement parks, parks, beaches, and outdoor events. Plastic chairs are durable, easy to clean and move, diverse in designs and colors. In addition, plastic chairs are also cheaper than other chairs, so they are preferred for temporary use or simply to beautify the space. Ghế 3042

2. History of birth and development of plastic chairs?

Plastic chair is a famous and popular product in the modern furniture manufacturing industry. Plastic chairs are designed to provide comfort and ergonomics, especially in offices, restaurants, cafes, homes and public spaces.

History of the plastic chair:

Plastic chairs were invented in the early 20th century by Austrian Michael Thonet, who developed the method of curved plywood to create beautiful and inexpensive furniture products. During the 1940s, rigid plastic chairs and stackable plastic chairs were developed by various furniture manufacturing companies. Nội Thất Santang - Santang Furniture (10) Before that, chairs were made from wood, metal or even made of stone or ceramic for use in outdoor spaces. However, whether they can withstand the rigors of the environment, weather, humidity and keep their aesthetics is a question for those traditional products.

Popularity of plastic chair:

Plastic chairs are built by features such as high durability, ability to stay grounded, easy to clean and convenient to travel. The main composition of plastic chairs includes PVC, polycarbonate or polypropylene, materials with characteristics of lightness, strength, flexibility and flexibility. VIFA EXPO 2023 - Hội chợ quốc tế đồ gỗ và mỹ nghệ xuất khẩu Việt Nam (115) Today, various types of plastic chairs are produced to serve different needs of consumers. Plastic chairs can be designed with different designs, from simple styles, combined with other materials such as fabric, leather, wood to create diversity in the interior space. Plastic chair models are becoming a popular trend for building projects, houses or public works around the world.

II. Features and advantages of plastic chairs?

Features of plastic chair:

  • Lightweight: Plastic chairs are very light, easy to move and arrange.
  • Bearing: Plastic chairs have good bearing capacity, so can be used in industrial and commercial environments.
  • Ease of Installation: The plastic chair is designed for quick and easy assembly.
  • Easy to clean: Plastic chairs are easy to clean and are not affected by wet environments.
  • Low cost: Plastic chairs are cheaper than other chairs.
Ghế 3044

Advantages of plastic chair:

  • Durable: Plastic chairs are very durable and its durability depends on the type of plastic used in production.
  • Unaffected by bacteria or other species: Plastic chairs are not susceptible to perforating, corrosive insects like wooden chairs or affected by bacteria.
  • Variety of colors and designs: Plastic chairs can be manufactured in a variety of designs and colors.
  • Environmentally friendly: The plastic chair can be recycled after use.
  • Used in a variety of environments: Plastic chairs can be used in indoor and outdoor spaces.

III. What types of plastic chairs are popular in the market?

  • Imitation rattan chair: Made from PE or PP plastic, providing the same beauty and comfort as natural rattan chairs but with higher durability, better sun and rain resistance.
  • Molded plastic chair: It is a chair manufactured by pouring plastic into a mold, so it has higher durability and strength. Often used in amusement parks, parks, beaches,...
  • Simili-covered plastic chair: Only different from ordinary plastic chairs in that there is a simili layer on the seat surface, making the chair look more beautiful and easier to clean.
  • Plastic lounge chair: Designed simply but firmly, often used in waiting rooms, railway stations, airports.
  • Folding plastic chair: Designed to be lightweight, stackable for convenient transportation and storage. Often used in outdoor events or gatherings.

IV. Applications of plastic chairs in life

1.  Application of plastic chair in household

a. Application of plastic chairs in the dining room
Plastic chairs have many applications in the dining room:
  • Used as a dining chair: Plastic chair is the optimal choice for family or restaurant dining rooms, because it can withstand large loads and is easy to clean after use.
  • Used to create accents for the dining room space: Plastic chairs have a variety of designs and colors, so they are very suitable for creating accents for the dining room space, making the room more beautiful and interesting.
Ghế model 3041 - Ghế cafe, ghế nhà hàng, ghế phòng ăn (2)
b. Application of plastic chair in living room and bedroom
Living room:
  • Plastic chairs are often used to decorate and create accents for the living room.
  • Single plastic chair is not only an attractive highlight for the living room but also brings comfort and ease to the user.
  • Plastic chairs can also be used as living room chairs, especially when there are many people coming to the house.
  • Plastic chairs can also be used to decorate the bedroom, creating a beautiful and unique space.
  • If you have a small area in your bedroom, plastic chairs can be a great choice to maximize space.
  • The plastic chair can also be used as a chair to relax and read in the bedroom.
Ghế model 3047, ghế phòng ăn, ghế nhà hàng (3)
C. Application of plastic chair in garden, balcony?
Plastic chairs have many applications in the garden and balcony, as follows:
  • To sit and rest: Plastic chairs are a convenient and affordable option for creating a sitting space in your garden or balcony.
  • Decoration: Plastic chair has many different colors and designs, you can use it to decorate your garden or balcony. They can be arranged in a variety of ways to create beautiful landscapes.
  • For outdoor parties: Plastic chairs are a popular choice for outdoor parties because they are light and easy to move. You can use them for parties, birthdays or other events in your garden or balcony.
  • Maintenance-free: Plastic chairs are durable and unaffected by weather or surroundings. They do not fade or break over time and require no maintenance.
  • Space-saving: The plastic chair has a compact and foldable design, which saves space when not in use. You can fold them up for easy portability or save them for future use.

2. Application of plastic chair in restaurant, cafeteria, cafe...

a. The convenience and variety of plastic chairs in the food and beverage industry

Plastic chairs are widely used in the culinary industry. eating because it has many convenient and diverse advantages. Here are a few benefits of plastic chairs in the food industry:
  • Ability to withstand humid climates or dark environments without termites or rotting.
  • Users can easily clean and clean to ensure food hygiene and safety.
  • Plastic chairs are extremely durable and come in a variety of styles, colors and sizes, allowing users to choose the right chair for their needs.
  • Plastic chairs are cheaper than metal or wooden chairs, which will reduce costs for restaurants and food stores.
  • The plastic chair can be moved easily, makes no noise and won't scratch the floor, making it very convenient for restaurants or food shops.
Coffee Chair 1759

b. Why do stores prefer to use plastic chairs?

Shop owners often prefer to use plastic chairs for the following reasons:
  • Cost: Plastic chairs are cheaper than other types of chairs such as wooden chairs, metal chairs or leather chairs. This saves costs for store owners.
  • Diversity of models: Plastic chairs have many different designs and designs suitable for many design styles of stores.
  • Easy to clean: Plastic chairs are easy to clean, waterproof so they don't get moldy or wet.
  • High durability: Plastic chair has high durability, withstands large loads, so it is suitable for use in areas with high density of users such as restaurants, cafes, gardens, etc.
  • Light and easy to move: The plastic chair is very light so it is easy to move and rearrange the space in the store.
However, the use of plastic chairs also has some limitations such as uncomfortable feeling when sitting for a long time, dust in the production process also affects the health of users.

c. What famous brands are using plastic chairs for their services?

  • Starbucks, one of the most famous coffee shops in the world, has been using reusable plastic chairs for many years.
  • McDonald's - fast restaurant chain used plastic chairs in most of their establishments.
  • KFC - fast food restaurants also use quality plastic chairs in their facilities.
  • Walmart, one of the world's largest retailers, uses plastic chairs as part of their strategy to reduce their environmental impact.
  • Target, an online and local retailer, has also switched to eco-friendly and recyclable plastic chairs.
  • Walt Disney World - the famous American amusement park, has used plastic chairs to create a comfortable and comfortable space for their customers.
  • Marriott Hotels - the hotel chain known as one of the leaders in applying environmental protection standards, uses recyclable plastic chairs to reduce the impact on the environment.

V. Types of plastic chairs and how to choose to buy

1. Types of plastic chairs

  • Stackable plastic chair is a chair made of plastic material that can be folded for easy transport and storage. Stackable plastic chairs are often used in outdoor events, parties or in construction projects for convenience in movement and storage. They can be designed in a variety of sizes and colors to suit the needs of the user.
  • Plastic rattan chair is a chair made from plastic, designed and decorated like products made from natural rattan. With the advantages of lightweight, durable and easy to clean, rattan plastic chairs are popularly used in outdoor spaces such as gardens, balconies, swimming pools or cafes, restaurants, and hotels.
  • Multi-purpose plastic chair is a kind of chair made of high quality plastic, which features flexibility and versatility. The multi-purpose plastic chair is often used in a variety of environments, from home, park, playground, school, to restaurant, cafe, office and other places. Versatile plastic chair has many advantages such as light, easy to move, easy to clean, can be stacked to save space and is diverse in color and design to suit the needs of each object. .
  • Industrial plastic chair is a chair manufactured from high-strength plastic material, resistant to abrasion, impact and used in industrial environments. Industrial plastic chairs are often used in factories, factories or workspaces with humid, contaminated or toxic environments. They can be simple chairs or specially designed to meet the unique requirements of each usage environment.
Ghế 3019 - Ghế cafe, ghế nhà hàng, ghế ngoài trời - Plastic chair

2. Standards and requirements when choosing to buy plastic chairs

Check product quality when choosing to buy plastic chairs

a. When choosing to buy plastic chairs, there are the following factors to check product quality:
  • Plastic material: Plastic chairs can be made of many different types of plastic. Some plastics have better UV resistance, water repellency, and abrasion resistance than others. Make sure to choose a plastic chair made of high-quality materials to help ensure product sustainability.
  • Bearing capacity: Test the bearing capacity of the chair by applying pressure to the seat to ensure that it is not deformed or broken.
  • Seat height and width: Plastic chairs come in many different sizes, so you should choose the right chairs for the space to use. Make sure the chair is wide and high enough for the user to sit comfortably.
  • Design: Plastic chairs also come in different designs. Choose a chair with a beautiful design and match the style of the space.
  • Safety: Check the safety of the chair by looking at its material and design. Choose seats with safety features such as no sharp edges, can be stacked when not in use to avoid accidents.
Ghế model 3041 - Ghế cafe, ghế nhà hàng, ghế phòng ăn - Ghế nhựa

b. Determine the intended use to choose the right type of plastic chair

Purpose of use is an important factor to choose the right plastic chair. If the chair is used in a humid outdoor or indoor environment, it is necessary to choose a chair that is waterproof and UV resistant. If the chair is used in a meeting room, office or restaurant, it is necessary to choose a chair with a beautiful and comfortable design so that the user does not have back pain after sitting for a long time. In addition, the weight, durability and color of the chair must also be considered to ensure it is suitable for the needs of use.

c. Brands and addresses to buy reputable plastic chairs

Harmoor Vietnam Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer and supplier of plastic chairs in Vietnam. We offer a wide range of models with a variety of product designs and colors. We provide chair furniture for many different uses such as: coffee chair, bar chair, restaurant chair, garden chair, hotel chair, hospital chair, school chair, office chair, bar chair milk tea, nail salon chair, spa chair, hair salon chair, hall chair, dining room chair, living room chair, outdoor chair

VI. How to maintain and use durable and beautiful plastic chairs1. Cleaning and sanitizing methods to keep plastic chairs clean

  • Use water and soap: Use a little water and soap to clean the plastic chair. Then, use a soft cloth to dry the chair.
  • Use citric acid: Citric acid is a natural and safe cleaner that can be used to clean plastic chairs. Mix 1/2 cup of citric acid with 1 liter of warm water, then use a towel to clean the chair.
  • Use baking soda: Baking soda is another natural cleaner that can be used to clean plastic chairs. Mix baking soda with water to form a solution, then use a towel to wipe the chair.
  • Use chlorinated water: Chlorinated water can remove stains and bacteria on plastic seats. Mix a handful of chlorinated water with 4 liters of water, then use a towel to clean the chair.
  • Use food wrap: If you want to keep your plastic chairs clean for a long time, you can cover them with food wrap. The cover film will protect the seat from dust and dirt.
Note: Before using any method to clean a plastic chair, read the instructions on the product label carefully and check that the cleaners are safe to use on the plastic. Chair 1052

2. How to preserve plastic chairs to prolong product life

  • Avoid exposing the plastic chair to direct sunlight and high temperature for a long time.
  • Always wipe dirt off the plastic seat surface with a damp cloth whenever necessary.
  • Use a suitable cleaner or polish solution to clean plastic seats.
  • Store the plastic chair in a cool and dry environment.
  • Do not place heavy objects on the plastic seat and avoid strong impact when using.
  • If the plastic chair is used outdoors, it is recommended to cover or protect the product with a waterproof cloth.
  • Avoid using cleaners that contain acid, bleach, or chlorine on white plastic seats.

3. Notes when using plastic chairs to avoid damage to health and safety

  • Inspect the plastic chair before use: Before using the plastic chair, you should double check it for any cracks, scratches or breaks on the chair. If so, you should not use the chair as it may jeopardize the health and safety of the occupants.
  • Do not use the plastic chair in extreme conditions: The plastic chair should not be used outdoors in the sun for too long or in an environment with high temperatures. If used in such extreme conditions, the plastic seat can be damaged and become pliable, endangering the user.
  • Do not place plastic chairs near fire sources: Plastic chairs should also not be placed near fire sources or gas stoves because plastic materials have the risk of catching fire and causing danger to users.
  • Use plastic chairs properly: You should use plastic chairs in the right way for its intended purpose (sitting, standing, etc.). Plastic chairs should not be used to climb, crawl or jump on, as this may cause damage and endanger the user.
  • Maintain and clean your plastic chair regularly: To keep your plastic chair clean and continue to use it safely, you should regularly clean it with soap and water. You should also store the chair in a cool, dry place.Chair 1052 - Ghế 1502

VII. Conclusion about plastic chair

1. Summary of the above information about plastic chairs

Plastic chair is a chair made from high-strength plastic, easy to clean, affordable and suitable for use in many spaces. There are different types of plastic chairs, from compact plastic chair models to swivel and multi-purpose plastic chairs. Plastic chairs are often used in outdoor spaces, such as gardens, swimming pools or coffees. However, with a variety of designs and colors, plastic chairs can also be used in interior spaces such as living rooms, dining rooms or offices. Plastic chairs can be purchased at furniture stores or online.

2. Evaluation of the convenience and diversity of plastic chairs

  • Convenience: Plastic chairs are usually very light and can be moved easily, especially folding chairs designed to save space. In addition, plastic chairs are easy to clean and have good water resistance, suitable for use in many different terrain conditions and environments.
  • Diversity: Plastic chairs are produced with many different designs and colors, meeting the needs of many different objects and purposes. In addition, plastic chairs can also be combined with many other materials such as wood and metal to create more unique and luxurious versions.
However, it should also be noted that plastic chairs may not be as comfortable and durable as wooden or metal chairs. This depends on the quality of the product and how it is used by the user.

3. Popularity and popularity of plastic chairs in many fields

Plastic chair is a versatile product that is widely used in many fields, from homes and offices to public agencies such as schools, hospitals and restaurants and hotels. This is because plastic chairs have many advantages such as high durability, easy cleaning and maintenance, diverse designs, suitable for many different styles and spaces. In addition, the price of plastic chairs is also very suitable for many customers. Therefore, plastic chairs are popular and chosen by many people in decorating their living or working space. However, there are still some people who prefer to use other types of chairs such as high-income families who often choose more high-end furniture.

4. Advice and suggestions for consumers when buying and using plastic chairs?

Tips for consumers when buying plastic chairs:

  • Choose a chair made from high-quality plastic for durability and safety.
  • Pay attention to the size and design of the chair to make sure it fits your space and needs.
  • Check carefully before buying to ensure quality and avoid buying a product that is not worth the money.

Suggestions for use when using plastic chairs:

  • Avoid placing the plastic chair in a high temperature environment to avoid reducing its strength and elasticity.
  • Clean the chair by wiping the surface with a soft dry cleaning kit.
  • Avoid pulling and using sharp objects to damage or scratch the surface of the chair.
  • Store the plastic chair in a cool and dry environment to increase the durability and life of the product.