Top 5 iron chairs with modern design and diverse decorative styles

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I. What is iron chair?

Iron chair is a chair made from iron – metal with hardness and extremely durable. Through the machining process, they are cut or bent to create impressive interior products. Iron chairs are mainly used in cafes, restaurants…. Meet the needs of different styles and space designs and they are creatively varied from simple to complex. It can be designed for indoor or outdoor use and can come in a variety of styles and models. Iron chairs are often sought after by many for their durability and strength, making them ideal for heavy use or harsh environmental conditions. They can be found in homes, gardens, parks and public outdoor spaces.

II. Top 5 types of iron chairs commonly used today

1. Iron chair 1517

Iron chair 1517 belongs to the popular product line, designed according to Modern style, stylized detailed lines, create an extremely impressive multiplier with the eyes of the viewer. The product has a compact design, suitable for bars, cafes, restaurants, receptions, office receptions…

 chair 1517 - iron chair

Iron chair 1517 can be stacked neatly. Appeared popular in households then it gradually appeared more in factories, hospitals, ships… Nowadays, this is the most common chair model and it is not difficult for you to see it in any place. anywhere such as: in shops, cafes, public buildings… With its lightweight, sturdy and easy-to-maintain characteristics, the 1517 chair, whether it’s a seat or a stool, is always one of the competitive products and favored by many people.

Up to now, compared to the original 1517 Iron Chair models, this chair has had many new innovations with diverse designs, patterns and textures. They are increasingly improved with many shapes, colors and materials, not only used for the purpose of daily living but also used to decorate and beautify any space. Today, chair 1517 is one of the chair models that bring a completely new image, both simple and gentle, but still very modern and stylish.

2. Iron chair 1520

Iron chair 1520B has a balanced structure for people use. The surface of the chair is machined in a rectangular shape with a moderate size, suitable for all subjects. The legs of the chair are designed firmly, anti-slip. On the other hand, the color of the chair is both harmonious and brings an indescribable luxury. Choosing a gray iron chair 1520 will create a nostalgic space, an impressive unique feature for everyone. Decorating the family dining table, restaurant table or bar with this chair is a revolutionary idea. Although it is made from sheet iron, the weight and structure of the chair is quite simple and suitable for use. move. It will be convenient to want to sit in a different position with a gentle but firm chair

 Chair 1520B

Iron chair 1520B with powder coating is durable in rainy weather, against the effects of rust and oxidation. Thick and sturdy steel material suitable for use in crowded places and use.

The neat backless design is suitable for places with limited space. Chairs can be stacked if you want to store storage.

The 1520B iron chair without backrest is suitable for use as an outdoor restaurant cafe chair, milk tea chair, cheap and durable dining chair, terrace balcony cafe chair,…

3. Iron chair 1518

Made from powder coated iron, so iron chair 1518 very solid, durable. In addition, the chair also has other advantages such as lightness so it is easy to move, can be stacked neatly, saving space. The diverse and beautiful colors are also the strength of this chair. You can combine black with red for a retro style, or titanium gray for a modern, industrial style. No matter how the combination, the restaurant iron chairs will surely surprise you.

Restaurant Iron Chair 1518
Restaurant Iron Chair 1518

Since its launch, the iron chair model 1518 has immediately won hearts and soon became popular around the world. High-quality materials, sturdy and durable construction

4. Iron chair 1516B

Bar chair 1516B iron legs designed in a high style luxurious, widely used in bars, fast food shops, coffee shops…

Bar Chair 1516B - Chair 1516B

Material: durable powder coated iron, easy to clean (possibility of stacking).

Not just an ordinary household product, the 1516B chair today is more and more loved and trusted by customers around the world.

With a variety of colors to choose from, it brings coolness, helping people feel comfortable, especially in hot weather. In addition, this color is suitable for both men and women, thanks to its harmony and versatility, it is easy to satisfy your creativity in your living space.

5. Iron chair 1520A

Iron chair 1520A has solid structure, bearing capacity good, no deformation, warping during use. The legs of the chair are covered with plastic, avoiding noise when moving and protecting the floor and floor from being scratched.

Bar Chair 1520


The chair design is elegant, modern and sophisticated. Luxurious, elegant design naturally brightens the room. The product will adorn the space with more impression and personality, complete the interior of the family bar area, restaurant, hotel, pub, lounge…

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