Top hottest plastic tables and chairs in 2023

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Interior decoration trends using plastic tables and chairs

Plastic furniture has been an option for families to replace bulky wooden products. However, when we hear about plastic, we often think that plastic has bad effects on the environment such as plastic bags or plastic straws, plastic cups but the truth is not so.

Plastic furniture is always the furniture that is extremely favored by Vietnamese users because of its diverse colors, sustainability over time and is not affected by humidity by the air as well as the hot and humid weather of Vietnam. .

Compared to using wooden furniture, manufacturers have to cut down trees, cut down forests causing destruction of nature to have materials, the interior of plastic cabinets is much safer for the environment. After using, we can recycle them rationally and effectively. That’s why saying plastic furniture is the current interior design trend to protect the environment.

The popularity and advantages of plastic tables in living space decoration

Diverse models, applications for every space

  • Plastic furniture is not only durable and sturdy, but also has many other advantages. They come in a variety of styles, colors and sizes size, suitable for any decoration style.
  • You can easily find the right plastic furniture for your space, from simple plastic chairs to
    more complicated tables and chairs.

Easy to move, optimize the area

  • In addition, plastic tables and chairs can be easily moved, disassembled and folded when not in use. This saves you
    space and convenient for moving when needed.

Cost-optimized plastic furniture

  • Not only a smart choice for outdoor spaces, plastic tables and chairs are also a cost-effective choice.
  • They are cheaper than other types of furniture such as wood, metal, natural stone.
  • In short, plastic furniture is a smart and convenient choice for your outdoor space. With a variety of designs, colors and sizes, plastic tables and chairs will be an indispensable part to create a beautiful and convenient outdoor space.

Top hottest plastic furniture sets in 2023

1. Table 3025 combined with chair 3002 and chair 3001, chair 1759

The outstanding feature of this set table is made of plastic, so it’s small and easy to use. easily move to a new space. With durable plastic equipment, beautiful colors.

The use of this plastic table helps homeowners to easily change the layout of the interior space. Moreover, these tables have a removable function that holds the table top and table body for easy movement. With more materials to help users easily clean tables and chairs.

bo-ban-den (9) 

bo-ban-den (5)

This set of tables and chairs is being chosen by many customers and its convenience. This set of tables and chairs can be used indoors or outdoors, from the dining room to the restaurant, from the garden to the balcony….

Some pictures of this combination:

bo-ban-page (13)

bo-ban-page (12)

bo-ban-page (11)


2. Table 3034 combined with chair 3002 and chair 3001, chair 1759

Like table 3025, table 3034 is also a great combination for chairs. plastic. The table can be combined with many different types of plastic chairs depending on the customer’s use.

bo-ban-den (10) 

bo-ban-den (6)


New trends in the design of plastic tables and chairs in 2023

Combination of plastic and natural materials

  • The trend of combining plastic and natural materials such as wood, rattan, and bamboo to create harmony and connection between nature and technology in
  • Use recycled or eco-friendly plastic to create eco-friendly products.

Various colors and textures

  • The appearance of bright and bold colors gives freshness and vibrancy to the plastic tables and chairs.
  • Use diverse textures such as natural patterns, complementary textures, or simple textures such as horizontal and vertical to create accents for the product.

Multifunctional and flexible design

  • Design plastic tables and chairs with diverse features such as folding, height adjustment or convenient storage.
  • The flexibility in design helps to optimize the use of space and is suitable for many different uses.

Modern and minimalist design

  • The design of the plastic table and chair is simple but delicate, creating a modern and luxurious look for the space.
  • The focus on minimalist lines, simple shapes and no complicated details, creates a polite and elegant appearance for the product.

Comfort and ergonomics

  • Design of plastic tables and chairs focuses on comfort and support for users.
  • Use technology and knowledge of ergonomics to create products with the right tilt, size, and shape for the user’s body.