What is a Bar Chair? Overview of Bar Chair

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What is a Bar Chair?

Bar Chair are high stools (called stools), often with footrests to support the legs. The height and narrowness of the chairs make them suitable for use at the bar and high tables in a pub or bar.
Bar Chair – The stool is one of the special pieces of furniture, the bar stool size is quite high to sit with bar tables usually from 90-110cm high: Coffee bar chairs, pub bar chairs, bar chairs family,…

History of the establishment of the Bar stool background?

Examples of seating can be found from the Stone Age, where examples of bench-style seating have been found. By using the high seat, man soon distinguished himself from the animal kingdom. Seats have been found in ancient Chinese tombs, then in Egypt during the ancient period. The Egyptians used both benches and stools, the use of which was often reserved for people of high social status.

ghế 3021 - chair 3021 - ghế quầy bar - bar chair

While benches and stools are more commonly used for everyday life.
This pattern continued even in Renaissance Europe, when the chair was no longer a privilege reserved only for the upper classes. While the throne is generally the preferred form of sitting for royalty throughout Asia, the Middle East, and Europe, stools have been used in place of thrones in some African kingdoms such as the stool. Ashanti gold in Ghana. It is difficult to pinpoint when and where the Stool was invented, but the most likely explanation is that it evolved from the simple couch.
ghế 3021 - chair 3021
The original Stools were essential pieces of furniture and have proven to be one of the most practical forms of sitting for centuries, used not only in homes but also on farms. traditional dairy), barbershop, ice maker, etc. A popular piece of furniture in many professions today, such as hospitality, dentistry, hair and beauty, medical, laboratory, animal care, musicians, and more. Throughout the 1950s and 60s in both Europe and especially the US, stools became a common sight in pubs, bars and eateries, as well as in barbershops and barbershops. hair.
Before the ban in the United States, bar stools were not used in places like restaurants or bars, but in food establishments. Bars without stools are the norm, and that is considered “an American feature”.

What is the structure of the bar chair?

Bar stools are simply structured, consisting of two main parts, the legs and the base of the bar, each with the following characteristics:
  • Bar stool legs: Bar stool legs are made of many different materials such as wood, metal or stainless steel. The footrest of the chair is the fulcrum, ensuring the safety of the occupants.
  • Bar stool base: Various bar materials, in addition to simili upholstery, on the market, there are metal or wooden bar stools, bringing comfort to the occupants.
There are many types of materials that make up a chair, but usually chairs are mainly made of plastic, wood, or metal. There are bar stools with and without armrests, backs and cushions or upholstery on the seat surface. Bar stools range from basic to more elaborate wooden designs with adjustable heights. Extra-tall and extra-short are common features, as are indoor bar stools and outdoor bar stools. Some bar stools have backs, while most do not. In commercial environments, swivel and floor-mounted bar stools are common. The fixed floor installation makes the chair immobile, so it cannot be stolen or used as a weapon during a bar conflict. Floor-standing bar stools are usually pole-mounted, but bar stools with legs can also be fixed to the floor with metal brackets.

ghế 3021 - chair 3021

Normal chair height is 30″ (76 cm) with a 26″ (66 cm) stool used against the kitchen counter. The 36″ (91 cm) high stool is increasingly used in contemporary style with tall pub tables for visual effect in modern interiors. 24″ (61cm). For comparison, the seat height of a typical dining chair is 18″ (46 cm.) Some bar stools use polyurethane foam as a cushion for comfort.

What are the advantages of using bar stools?

Bar tables and chairs are increasingly popular in modern living spaces, not only appearing in bars and interior spaces, but also widely applied in many rooms, because of the following outstanding advantages:

Space saving

The first advantage when it comes to bar stools is that it saves space effectively. The product has a compact size, does not take up too much space in the existing space. Moreover, with the right height for the bar, it makes the guests feel like they are standing to enjoy the wine.

Chính sách bảo mật

Panoramic view when sitting on a chair while looking at the surrounding space

Increasing the height of the chair is not only suitable for the bar or reception desk. It also helps to increase the visibility of the occupants much more than the chairs with a modest height, when sitting on the chair, you will easily cover the surrounding space.

Suitable for many spaces

With a unique design, the bar chair model is not only suitable for karaoke bars, but now is also used in the reception desk, used as a cash register chair……Some companies use, bar tables and chairs at the reception. , welcome partners. It is this feature, which helps to increase the visibility of the occupants, so bar stools are quite popular today.

Popular types of bar chairs

Bar chair with wooden legs

Wooden bar stools are one of the most commonly used bar stools, they are designed to be very flexible, so they can fit in many different spaces. Especially with natural wood material that is durable and resistant to warping and decay to ensure absolute safety for occupants, you can rest assured when choosing a wooden chair model.

Bar chair with iron legs

Meanwhile, bar stools are made of metal such as: bar stools with iron legs, bar chairs with stainless steel legs ….. The design is simple but sophisticated, both providing a relaxing sitting space and decorating the space. impressive. Moreover, the metal chair model is electrostatically painted to effectively resist oxidation.
Bar Chair 1516B

Plastic bar chairs

Plastic bar tables and chairs are also a popular design today, using multi-colored ABS plastic, which offers many advantages compared to other materials such as: pp plastic, pe plastic … has durability, good elasticity, so produce products with higher accuracy. Both bring a sitting space to rest, and create an extremely impressive highlight for the space with diverse color tones.

Hey Bar

Padded bar chairs

Upholstered bar chairs are being loved because of their soft mattress, providing a comfortable space for customers to come to the store. In particular, the inner layer is made of foam mattress, the outer cover is some materials such as simili, mesh fabric, burlap, etc., providing a great choice for not only bars but also modern interior spaces. .

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