Shipping Policy

Shipping Policy

Regarding the shipping fee, the Company uses an external shipping service, so the shipping fee will be calculated according to the charges of the shipping units depending on the location and volume of the order. The company when contacting to confirm the order with the customer will notify the specific fee to the customer.

Particularly, provincial customers have a need to buy in bulk or wholesale customers. If there is a need to buy the company’s products, the company will ask the forwarding service of the shipping company and the fee will be calculated according to the fees of the shipping service providers or according to the contractual agreement between the two companies. beside. You can choose the form that is most convenient and suitable for you

Way 1

Pay cash directly at the company or agent

Way 2

Payment on receipt (COD), customers see the goods at home, pay cash to the delivery staff.

Way 3

Advance transfer. You transfer the money first, then we proceed to deliver the goods according to the agreement or contract with you.


  • The content of the transfer clearly states the full name and which item to transfer. After the transfer, we will contact you to confirm and proceed with the delivery. If after the agreed time we do not deliver the goods or do not respond, you can file a complaint directly with the company and claim compensation if it is proven that the delay affects your business.
  • For customers wishing to buy in bulk for business or wholesale, please contact us directly for a reasonable price policy. And the payment will be made according to the contract.
  • We are committed to transparent, legal business, quality sales, clear origin.