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What is a plastic backrest chair?

Plastic backrest chair is a chair made from plastic material with backrest so that the user can rest or sit more comfortably. Plastic backrest chairs are often used in public, restaurants, cafes, gardens, or tourist destinations with a demand for simple and durable chairs. This type of chair has high durability, variety of colors, simple in design, easy to clean, so it is very popular.

 Chair 3023

Advantages of plastic chairs with backrest

  • Durable: Plastic backrest chair is made from PP or ABS, the material is durable and can be used for a long time.
  • Easy to clean: The plastic backrest chair has a waterproof surface, easy to clean and sanitize.
  • Termite-free: Unlike wooden or fabric chairs, plastic chairs with backrests are not termite-resistant, making maintenance simple.
  • Anti-slip: The backrest plastic chair is designed with anti-slip footrest, making the user feel safer when using.
  • Low cost: Plastic backrest chairs are more affordable than other chairs, making them a suitable choice for furnishing home or office furniture.

Popular backrest chair models of Santang Furniture

Currently most of Santang’s plastic chair products have a backrest function. These are some samples of Santang furniture’s backrests

Ghế 3048 Ghế 3044 Ghế 3043 Ghế 3042 Ghế 3041
Ghế 3023 Ghế 1028C Ghế 1028G Ghế 1052 Ghế 1517
Ghế 1518        

Notes when using a plastic chair backrest?

Avoid using a plastic chair with a backrest for a long time or with too much weight to avoid causing back pain or damage to the spine.

For when using a plastic chair with a backrest, you should sit upright to avoid too much curvature of the spine.

It is recommended to use a chair with cushion and backrest to create comfort when using and increase the durability of the chair.

Do not place the chair near a heat source or direct sunlight to avoid expansion, discoloration or deformation.

When using, the surface of the chair should be cleaned with a damp cloth or soft brush to remove dirt or stains on the chair.

Avoid using strong impacts or transporting plastic backrest seats by freight vehicles to avoid damage or loss of aesthetics.

Chair 3042 - Santang plastic  backrest chair

Instructions on how to use and care for the backrest plastic chair?

Plastic backrest chair is a product commonly used in many places, from houses, restaurants, hotels, to amusement parks, stadiums. To use and care for the plastic backrest chair properly, you can refer to the following instructions:


  • The plastic backrest chair is designed for indoor and outdoor use. So you can place the chair in any position that suits your needs.
  • Avoid exposure to high temperatures, direct sunlight, or prolonged rain or shine to prevent discoloration or damage.
  • The details of the plastic seat backrest can be detached for easy cleaning or replacement when needed.
  • When sitting, face the backrest of the chair toward the occupant and the handle to the outside.
  • Avoid sitting too heavily or in the sun for too long on the chair to avoid damage to the chair.


    • When not in use, you should put the plastic chair backrest in a cool, dry place, away from heat sources, sharp objects or external influences that cause damage.
    • If the chair is dirty, you can clean it with a soft brush, soap and water solution. Then, dry it and put it in a dry place.
    • If necessary, you can repaint or replace the damaged seat.
    • Avoid exposing the seat to chemicals, grease or acids to avoid rapid deterioration.

With the above instructions and notes, you will be able to use and care for your plastic backrest chair properly, helping to keep it looking new and more durable.

A place to buy a reputable plastic chair with backrest

Santang Furniture is a leading manufacturer and supplier of plastic backrest chairs in Vietnam.

Established in 1998, Santang Furniture is one of the leading furniture brands in Vietnam. With the motto of providing customers with quality and luxurious interior products, Santang Furniture has been present in most major cities across the country.

Santang Furniture’s products include furniture such as: coffee chair, bar chair, restaurant chair, garden chair, hotel chair, hospital chair, school chair, office chair, milk tea shop chair, nail salon chair, spa chair, hair salon chair, conference chair, dining room chair, coffee table, bar table, restaurant table, dining table. All products are designed and manufactured to high standards, ensuring not only appearance but also usability.

Chair 3044 - Chair plastic backrest

Santang Furniture also pays special attention to after-sales service, bringing satisfaction and trust to customers. With a team of professional and dedicated staff, Santang Furniture is committed to providing customers with optimal interior solutions and meeting all customer requirements.

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