Top 6 hottest plastic table models on the market today

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In the world of interior decoration, plastic tables are becoming a popular trend. With outstanding advantages such as a variety of designs, colors, features and affordable prices, plastic tables have become the first choice for modern living spaces. In this article, we will explore the top 6 hottest plastic table models on the market today, to help you find a plastic table model that suits your own needs and style.

Are you looking for a trendy plastic table to decorate your living space?. Join us to discover the Top 6 hottest plastic table models on the market today, inspired by the website

Plastic desk is one of the most widely used furniture in the offices of units, companies, and private houses today. Plastic desk has many outstanding advantages, fresh and modern design. However, when choosing this product, you also need to consider carefully to ensure that you choose a good, quality product that meets your needs.

What are the advantages of plastic tables?

Plastic is one of the popular materials, having the characteristics of being easy to process with a relatively cheap price, so it is widely used in the interior today. Plastic desks are also widely used today. The product offers many outstanding advantages such as:

  • High aesthetic with modern design, many outstanding colors
  • Quality, durable, no termites, no mold, no warping, blistering like wood, industrial wood
  • Easy to move and arrange because the product is usually lighter in weight than other desks and chairs.
  • Easy to clean
  • Friendly to the user and the environment. The material is not toxic or affects human health.

Important factors when choosing a plastic table

When choosing a plastic table model, there are several important factors to consider. The first is the material. The plastic table is made of high quality plastic material, which makes it durable, easy to clean and waterproof. Next comes the design, you can choose from plastic tables in shapes and colors to match your interior space. Finally, size and features also need to be considered to ensure that the plastic table fits your space and needs.

Top 6 hottest plastic table models on the market today

1. Model 3015 plastic table:

With a simple but delicate design, the 3015 plastic table brings a modern and luxurious look to your interior space. Made of high quality plastic material, durable and easy to clean.

  • Material: Full PP plastic
  • Length: 50cm
  • Width: 50cm
  • Height: 45cm

ban- 3015

2. Plastic table model 3025

With elegant colors, 3025 plastic table brings a bright and fresh space. The square table top design and sturdy table legs create a sense of stability and certainty.

Table 3025 is a product model made of 100% PP plastic with high-grade anti-UV additives with corrosion resistance, chemical resistance and high durability.
The table top is designed in the shape of a round hole to bring more sophistication and convenience when used outdoors, coffee shops, dining tables, etc. Round table tops have the meaning of sharing, warmth and cohesion. together bring a happy, joyful atmosphere of family love, friendship.

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The table legs are made extremely prominent with the design of small and large markings opposing each other to create 4 sturdy table legs. The table legs and the table top are connected by a horizontal bar and a solid screw system. The table legs seem to show personality, breaking the way mixed with classic features.

The foot of the table is used with a plastic button for the purpose of protecting the floor, anti-slip when in use and balancing the position.

 ban-3025 (4) ban-3025 (4) ban-3025 (1)

3. Plastic table model 3034

With its unique circular shape, the 3034 plastic table creates a special highlight for your living space. With high quality plastic material, Mrsn plastic 3034 is also very easy to clean and maintain.

The table model 3034 is made of 100% high quality PP plastic, which can be recycled well. Square face design with unique leg frame, suitable for both interior and exterior space, garden. Ideal choice for relaxing corners at home and luxury cafes and restaurants.

Currently, plastic furniture is always popular with many homeowners. Due to their compact nature, they can be easily arranged for many spaces.

Table 3034 has a beautiful, square design with round hole details on the table top. It is both a unique highlight and helps to avoid standing water when placed outdoors.

PP plastic material can withstand large impact force, chemical resistance and high durability.

Especially, you can feel the powerful impressive beauty at the foot of the table. The legs and table top are connected by an extremely strong screw system. In order to protect the floor, the 3034 square table also cleverly uses a flexible plastic button at the foot of the table.

Table 3034

4. Plastic table model 1542

With modern design and diverse colors, 1542 plastic table is the perfect choice for diverse interior spaces. High quality plastic material provides high strength and durability.

Table 1542A is a type of table used quite commonly in restaurants, high-class hotels, reception offices, and cafes… Table 1542A has a minimalist and sophisticated design that exudes elegance and modernity. Modern with a very soft and gentle round table top, four slender table legs create a balance for the product. The body of the table is formed from four solid legs from natural oak, the criss-cross structure is balanced by powder-coated steel rails to help the table stand. The table legs also have the ability to pull out and close very intelligently.

ban- 1542a

5. Model 1541D plastic table

With the delicate black color, the A20 plastic table creates a unique and stylish highlight for your living space. With high quality plastic material, A20 plastic table is also very easy to clean and maintain.

  • Size: 120*80*75
  • MDF Table Top, Beech Legs
  • 1 PCS/ Carton
  • White / Black

Top 6 hottest plastic table models on the market

6. Plastic table model 1545F

With its revolutionary design, the 1545F plastic desk is the perfect combination of style and functionality. High-quality plastic makes the 1545F plastic table durable and easy to clean.

Table 1545F is made of high-quality wood with powder-coated stainless steel legs. It will be more wonderful to combine Table 1545F with other Eames chairs for dining tables, coffee tables, desks, other luxurious and relaxing spaces.

  • Product code: Table 1545F
  • Material: MDF table top + Iron legs
  • Color: White, Black
  • Size: Diameter 60/80cm x height 75cm
  • Weight: 10kg
  • Origin: Vietnam
  • Brand: Santang

Table 1545F

The above are the top 6 hottest plastic table models on the market today. You can learn more and choose the right plastic table model to suit your own style and needs. Let’s decorate your living space to be interesting and modern with these beautiful and useful plastic tables!